Course Descriptions

All our courses are listed in detail on this page. However please check WebAdvisor for the most up-to-date schedule information.

N.B.If a course you are looking for does not appear in this list, it is either offered on alternate years (see Courses Not Offered 2011-2012) or has been canceled.

The curriculum planning documents discuss general curriculum planning, environmental and natural resources law curriculum planning, and business law curriculum planning including areas of specialization such as intellectual property law. The curriculum planning documents were written by the faculty.

Faculty Evaluations

Each semester students complete faculty evaluations for all classes. A one-page statistical summary of each set of evaluations is calculated for each class. These summaries are available online for each semester from Fall 2000. You’ll need your Lewis & Clark login and password to access them here.

Certificate Programs

The certificate requirement documents cover each of the certificates — environmental and natural resources, business, tax, criminal and intellectual property law.

Graduation Requirements Course Lists

{as of 4/6/2011 these are being updated; this notice will be removed when the updated materials are posted}

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