Lewis & Clark Law School wants to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your time here. This site points you to information on the site related to curriculum planning plus giving you a chance to tap our expert advisers‘ knowledge so you can make the curriculum decisions tailored to your interests and goals. Feel free to leave a comment on any of our “advice & answers” posts, or if you’d prefer to ask a question directly, please use this form. We understand sometimes your questions may be complex and if you’d rather arrange a meeting to discuss your options in greater detail, there’s a form for that too.

A good place to start would be reading the appropriate documents collected together on this page, or you can view posts by tags, such as “General” tag. You may also wish to try the search box at the top of every page.

If you have a question, the chances are you won’t be the first or last person to ask it. We’d love you to get in touch so we can answer you properly and also give other students the chance to read it all in one place.

Happy planning!

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