15 Dec 2008, 1:45pm

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Ecotopia Survey in the National Media

Exciting news: Lewis and Clark College’s very own Tom Krattenmaker has an op-ed piece in the USA Today this morning! His thoughtful consideration of the role of apocalypticism in American environmental culture provides some excellent journalistic exposure for the Ecotopia Revisited research project. Coincidentally, there was an article in the New York Times on Sunday about the lasting impact of Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia; quite appropriately, the piece was titled “The Novel that Predicted Portland.”

We’ve taken this as an opportunity to publicize our survey to a wider audience, by taking out an ad on the beliefnet.com website and sending invitations to a variety of national email listservs. We’re hoping to gather a substantial number of responses and we’d love your help in spreading the word.

We’ve set up a page with some information about the project and links to the survey:


You can also go directly to the survey itself:


Thank you for the opportunity to take your survey…having some passing familiarity with SSPS and in the somewhat distant past been a Sociology major, I wanted to point out that the survey was missing one major sector of occupation in the list toward the end…especially considering the theme of the survey…there was not a category for “religious profession” be it clergy, religious educator, music ministry, or pastoral counseling. These people of our society (I am one of them) probably have some very good insights about why they believe what they believe on the topics of the survey.

I would have appreciated being able to comment some on my selections…perhaps a follow-up project for a student?

Thanks again for the survey.


Scott Crane
Program Director
Menucha Retreat and Conference Center


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