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About Ecotopia Revisited

Ecotopia Revisited is a research project administered at Lewis & Clark College by Prof. Jim Proctor (Environmental Studies) and postdoctoral fellow Evan Berry, involving communities throughout the state of Oregon.  The project began in late spring 2008 and should conclude by early summer 2009.  Please contact Jim or Evan for further information.

1 Jan 2009, 2:28pm
by Richard Turnock


Re: “The notion that nature is sacred” Thursday, January 1, 2009 Oregonian.

If there was a better resolution to start the new year with I don’t know what would work better than this.

Another dimension to your study might be the different values and beliefs based on generations. Baby Boomers are probably going to use their spiritual, vision quest, elder status, wisdom of the tribe, apply powers of intuition, feed wisdom back into society; all to guide long-term reclamation project to heal the tortured planet. (See Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe, page 280)

Time to Reinvent America


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