Apr 12

Hello everyone!

It’s so close to the end of our trip!  Scary…

This post is about a tiny little town in southern England that I went to at the end of Easter Weekend.  It is called Brockenhurst, and it is a really, really small town.  There are several cottages in the town that have legitimately thatched roofs, which is really cool looking.  The reason I went down is that it is on the border of a National Park called the New Forest.

This forest is a huge area, known as a sort of recreational destination for hikers, bikers, etc. from the towns and cities in southern England.  It is a huge forest, and extremely secluded.  Though there were certainly areas in the forest that were crowded with various hikers and bikers, in many places it was absolutely silent and serene as I walked through the forest.  I made myself a little picnic lunch, sitting on a bench and admiring the beautiful setting around me.

One of the coolest parts about the New Forest is that it is full of wildlife.  On the train ride there, I saw several small deer, but while I was walking around, I ran into quite a few wild ponies.  They were extremely beautiful animals, a little bit smaller and scruffier than domesticated horses.   They were absolutely silent, just walking around, eating grass as if I was not there.

PonyAlthough there was not a lot of “stuff to do” in Brockenhurst, it was one of the most interesting and unique places I have been in the UK.  It is not a touristy place, so the people I met were normal English people, going about their daily business.  Their accents were intriguing and slightly difficult to understand, and I could tell that they were surprised to see an American in their little town.  I, however, had a wonderful time exploring it.



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  1. Diane says:

    That sounds like a nice, peaceful day, and a great find!

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