October 2011

Pumpkins and Papers

Hey everyone!

As I write this now, rain is pouring down. The weather today has been crazy–one minute the sun is in your eyes, the next you’re running for shelter. I think it’s the spirits of Halloween. This entire weekend has been a Halloween celebration, from the Fright Night dance on Friday to the black and orange themed deserts in the Bon. Tonight there is the Dia de los Muertos party, which should be fun as well (how could it not–good food, music, dancing, and candy? I’ll be there!)!

Midterms are over, finally, but the assignments keep rolling in. I had a couple papers to write this weekend, but they weren’t altogether unpleasant. The great thing about college is that you actually study what you’re interested in. No more papers about topics you could not care less about. In fact, my Exploration and Discovery (our freshman seminar-like class) professor gave us a list of thirteen possible topics for a paper that was due today. I tried a couple of them out and found that I didn’t really feel any connection to any of them, so I emailed my professor and asked if I could make my own topic. He emailed me back within a couple of hours and was incredibly enthusiastic about it. Another great thing about college: professors want you to have a good time doing the work.

Now that I have turned in my papers I can focus on my costume for tonight. I think I am going to be Anne from Arrested Development (if you have not seen that show, do so now. It’s on netflix. The entire series. I’ll wait for you to look it up.), and once I have my pictures developed I will definitely post them! I hope I can pull it off!

Trick or treaters are supposed to come to our rooms tonight, or so I have heard. All of my hallmates have their doors decorated in the best ways. Living with all the artists is so overwhelming sometimes–they are crazy talented! The ghouls and goblins are so detailed that, I’ll admit it, I get a little spooked when I walk to the bathroom late at night!

I’m so sorry for getting my other post to you so late–I guess something went wrong when I tried to publish it last week! Next week will definitely be a video one, I promise! You can hold me to it!

Until next time,


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A Break From Reality

EDIT: Somehow this was never posted! My sincerest apologies for the tardiness!

Hey guys!

This week has been pretty crazy already! It was Parents Weekend, starting on Friday, which meant that I had a great opportunity to ignore my piles of homework and spend some time with my dad! He came to visit me all the way from Maryland, so I wanted to spend every possible second I had with him.

The best part of having parents here? FOOD. Real, good, occasionally expensive food! As reliable as the Bon may be, and it is really, as far as college cafeterias go, it was great not visiting it this weekend.

My dad and I explored Portland on Saturday. It was definitely one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. Just two months ago I couldn’t even manage to walk down Salmon Street in the proper direction, and now I am able to show people my favorite places! In an odd way, having my family visit made Portland seem more like home. It was nice.

On Sunday we made a two-hour flat trip to Mount St. Helens, a “volcanic monument”. It was incredibly amazing. Every time I looked up at the crater I was stunned. I took almost two hundred pictures—I just wanted to capture every moment!

Now that my dad has gone, I am left with the reality of school. I have a couple of papers to write and a lot of French listening homework. But it was definitely worth putting off. I keep telling myself that I’ll be home for Thanksgiving soon, but it was just so nice seeing a familiar face.

This post is going to be a short one, due to all of the aforementioned work, but I promise next one will be longer, maybe a video?

I’ll see (or well, you know) you all soon! Thank you for reading!

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This is Halloween, this is Halloween…

Hey folks,

As many of my fellow bloggers have said, this week has been craaaaaazy. Looking at my calendar, I definitely didn’t expect it to feel as all-consuming as it has felt, but there it is. With three reports, an exam, and an oral presentation all this week, I’ve been feeling progressively more and more drained. Throw in some sleep deprivation and roommate drama, and I’m wiped. Thankfully, though, today has been going excellently. My oral presentation today went splendidly, I got close to a full night’s sleep, and I have oodles of free time this afternoon to finally prep for tomorrow’s test. Huzzah!

There is so much being offered this weekend by so many different organizations on campus, I’m having a hard time deciding what to do. CAB has a Halloween Dance tomorrow night which I’ll be helping with. The dance has all the standard (but awesome) features of a Halloween dance, like candy and costume contests, plus a few special touches. I’m most excited for the “Photo Booth” that we’ll have set up. From what I understand, it’s supposed to have some sort of editing station right there where you can add effects, etc. I think it sounds pretty groovy. I’m working the start of the dance, and I’ll be eager to see what sorts of costumes people come up with. We have such a creative student body that I can only imagine the ends to which people will go for costumes. I’m hoping I’ll see some costumes I’ve never seen before.

Saturday night is Halloween at the Co-Op, with student bands playing from 7:00-10:00. I’m excited to go, because many of these bands didn’t play at the NSO Music Showcase, so they’re new to me. I love that college allows for people to come together and make music, since it’s something that is much harder to put together one you’re in the “real world”. I make a pretty big effort to see as much student music as I can. My brother was in a few bands up at Whitman and speaks so fondly of playing, so I like being able to give some support to LC’s student musicians. I know how much time they have to put into this, and I know how busy they are from schoolwork already, so it’s good to support all their hard work (though hopefully they’re having fun with it too).

Sunday’s corn maze plan is a bit up in the air. Much as I’d love to go, I think I will instead be heading downtown that night to support my dear friend Samantha as she competes in the Portland Poetry Slam semi-finals. Samantha is a fellow transfer student, and her eloquently written and emphatically performed poems have gained her some major recognition on campus and in town. I’m glad that I might get the chance to cheer her on as she takes on some fellow LC students and Portland-dwellers. (If you’re in town, you should head on down and give her your vote!)

I’m excited that on campus organizations have stepped their games up for Halloween Weekend, but the possibilities are almost daunting. I do know that no matter what, I’ll be having a good time. I’ve invited a group of friends to join me as I watch the Halloween Buffy episodes back-to-back, I’ll be trying to fit in as many Halloween movies as I can (Nightmare Before Christmas! Hocus Pocus! Halloweentown!) and at some point I’ll have to begrudgingly squeeze in some homework time.

Padgett’s Halloween Party was this past weekend, and as expected, it was awesome. The food was incredible (pretzel fingers+fondue= crazy delicious!) and I had a great time hanging out downstairs and trying to decipher “Mad Monster Party” (1967) with my friend Emily. The movie was bizarre. The plot line didn’t have much of an arch to it, but the animation was entrancing. It’s done by the same people behind the old Rudolph movies, so it was pretty impressive artistically. The “plot” of the movie left me craving some old Scooby Doo movies, and thankfully I was able to convince my dad to ship some up. Sometime next week I’ll be watching Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf(did anyone apart from me see that as a kid? Like, seriously?)

Below are some photos of the party, and a link to some of my favorite Halloween videos.

‘This is Halloween’ Light Show

Happy Halloween! (Carven der Pumpkin, Muppets’ Swedish Chef)


‘Til next time. Happy Halloween everyone!



PS: Leave a comment with what you’ll be dressing up as for this weekend and/or what you’d dress up as if money were no object. :-)

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The Lewis and Clark Experience

Hey guys. I would like you who read this to please take a moment of silence (and not reading) to honor the loss of a student. Isaac Clark was a senior Math and physics double major and he is no longer with us due to a car accident.

Thank you. Also, I am working on making these posts video posts. I have a program called CyberLink YouCam. I made our post already, but I was not able to upload it to the page, please leave a comment if you know how this program works. That said, I will we working on that and hopefully my next post will be a video post. FOOTBALL UPDATE: We just played our homecoming game against the University of Puget Sound and won 31-28 in a nail biter, just like last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8RHP_FTGQI. If you guys know what “The Play” is, that is how it went. I will attach a link to “The Play” because I believe everyone should know the name of the trombone player who gets hit at the end (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfebpLfAt8g). The only difference was UPS had a penalty due to a forward lateral and they lost the game, but still very dramatic. The best part about the game was me being able to see my younger brother, Daniel. He plays o-line and is UPS’s short snapper. So, bragging rights are mine for the next year, whew. We are going into the hardest part of our season by far. Cross your fingers.

School is going well. Yesterday I had my second Calculus midterm. For those of you stressing about having to take a math class let me give you an insider update, our professors are amazing. You will not be taught by a TA like at other schools. Also, they are so personable. Yes all I like to talk about is math, but that is not too strong a bias – is it? Based on the classes I have taken with the professors I have had, you will not learn solely based on a confusing text book. Our professors use what is called a “legacy” website, such as: http://legacy.lclark.edu/~istavrov/home.html. This is the site for Professor Iva Stavrov. You guys should peak through it.

The rest of this week looks fairly calm for me. I am done with midterms so it is time to coast a little bit and relax. Never forget to relax. I was/am a person who loves to work, but I am learning that the best way to maximize productivity long-term is to take is slow when the opportunity arises.

Now I leave with this question for you to respond to in the comments section. What questions do you have about graduation requirements?

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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Jetzt geht’s los, Freunde!

Greetings Faithful Readers (aka my mom),

We here at LC have entered the 9th week of school. Yep. 9th. NINTH. Holy fishcakes, Batman! Now math isn’t my strong suit, but I am qualified enough to tell you that, that is a lot of school weekage. I can hardly wrap my spongy brain matter around the concept. Eesh. The leaves have gone from green to orange, the temperature is dropping steadily, and Halloween is basically tomorrow. How did this happen?! I think Lewis and Clark rests in a break in the space/time continuum. Time must move differently here.

Even though I’m now in the midst of my most hectic academic semester yet, my thoughts keep floating back to where I was this time last year. Where was I? GERMANY, BRO. Yeah…Nostalgia has a funny way of creeping up on me. Curse you, nostalgia, curse you! I rue the day you were born! Sidenote: people ought to use the word “rue” more often. Make that happen, cyberspace. Now I think my job here is to paint a pretty picture of LC ( a real one but still shiny) and I can honestly say the abroad programs offered here are swell. Bomb, Wicked. Legit, if you will. A year in a foreign country with native speakers to care and guide you?! Yeah, its that good. And because words can only go so far (and because I am sleepy panda and my burgundy fleece is calling my name…”Kat…Kat…Snoozefest?!”) here are a few snapshots of my adventures in Munich around Halloween. ENJOY PALS.

P.S. Here’s my flickr album from whilst in Germany. It has my “pretty” pictures—my egotistical/touristy/generally inebriated photos are reserved for Facebook. :) Take a look if ye like:


Also, this layout is beyond me. Apologies for ugly picture formatting. :/

Augustine Beer Hall

Also, listen to this sweet song: Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!

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Homecoming events and Spiders!

So I thought that I would start this week by discussing some of my extracurricular activities and some other things going on around campus lately!

First, last week was homecoming week and we had some great events going on. I didn’t attend many throughout the week due to schoolwork but on Friday some friends and I went to see Harry Potter #7 part 2 in the council chambers. This was great because it hasn’t come out on DVD yet. There were a lot of avid Harry fans that were there all dressed up. It was so much fun.  There was a lot of laughter at Voldemort and Malfoy’s awkward hug and a plug for The Club That Shall Not Be Named (our school’s Harry Potter club).

On Saturday I was the student host to the President of our college at the home football game. This was really interesting and a great experience, I got to mingle with President Glassner and hang out with some of the trustees of the school. They were all very nice and welcoming.  What was even better was that our football team won! They are now 6-0 and are having a great season!

Griswald stadium!!!

On Sunday our SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) put on a BBQ before our home soccer game against Pacific Lutheran. This was especially awesome because we have formed a partnership with the Special Olympics of Oregon. The Special Olympics soccer players came to hang out with us and watch the game. It was wonderful to meet them and I really enjoyed my time spent with all the athletes.

BBQ set up for SAAC

I am the ASLC (Associated Students of Lewis and Clark) representative for SAAC. This means that I represent the student athletes in our student government. I have a vote in the legislation put forth by the class senators and attend weekly senate meetings.  I let ASLC know what SAAC is doing, and I let SAAC know what ASLC is doing.  SAAC meets once every two weeks and two representatives from each team attend. We put on events (like the BBQ) and have a lot of fun.

Oh and a really exciting thing that is happening this week is Spider Fest! A biology professor (Dr. Greta Binford) at our school has a research lab that studies spiders! Specifically, the diversity of spider venoms and how evolution has shaped this development. On Tuesday they are opening their lab to have people come in and check it out! I will definitely be there, one, because spiders are awesome and, two, because I will hopefully be volunteering/working in this lab soon! I am very excited about that possibility.

The spider named after Dr. Binford!!!

If you want to learn more about the spiders at Lewis and Clark check out


or the webpage for their lab


Science rules!

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