Backing Up: Break

The weeks will not stop flying by! I wish I could just reach out and grab them, but every time I try to do so they slip through my fingers.

Spring Break came upon me so suddenly that I had to pack rather quickly, which is not something I like to do. I’m a pretty methodical person, and rushing was kind of terrifying. But I was able to remember everything and hop on yet another 7am plane to DC.

My mom picked me up from the airport, which was unusual. My dad is mostly in charge of that on account of my mom becoming way too emotional, and sure enough, she started bawling at baggage claim. It was oddly reassuring, though, to see that she had missed me so much, for even though it hadn’t been too long, I realized that I missed her the exact same amount.

I had especially missed her cooking. I know a lot of people say that their mother is the best cook, but I legitimately mean it—my mother is the best cook to ever live. It’s just the truth. Last time I was home, she had shattered her shoulder (ahh!), so I missed out on the usual home-cooked food. This time was much different, and all the more delicious.

None of my friends from high school had the same break as me, so I went to visit some of them at a school a couple hours away from home. It was great seeing them, but it was so so weird seeing them in college. They were the same people I knew and loved, but altered. I wondered if they perceived me similarly. Anyways, I had a super wonderful time, but it made me appreciate LC, like a lot. At their school, most of the kids live on campus because it is in a pretty rural area. This means that the parties are all on campus, and that the entire school (basically) goes to the same one. The party that was happening the night I visited happened to be a “Tight & Bright” party. Yikes. The only “Tight & Bright” party that you will see take place on the LC campus will be 100% ironic—just the way I like it. So there were probably 400ish kids trying to get into this tiny cramped apartment that had no lighting whatsoever except for a black light. Everyone was grinding up on each other and I felt so uncomfortable! At Lewis & Clark, parties are not about dancing up on someone, they’re about getting to know people. There have live bands and cheesy games and everyone is so nice and wants to have a conversation. No one wanted to even speak to each other at the T&B party. It was dubstep and silence. Weird weird weird.
Coming back to Lewis & Clark was that much better. It was a deep breath of fresh air. I realized that these are my kind of people; the ones who want to have talks about the Middle East, not the ones who want to bump and grind. I’m so happy to be back here, and it’s sad to see that there aren’t that many weeks left. I suppose I’ll just have to make the most of them.

11 April 2012

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