Once More, with Feeling

Hi folks,

Well, after one week of rest, it’s back into the lion’s den for me. It was hard to come back to LC for a few reasons. Much as I love it here and miss it when I’m away, it’s also very hard for me to leave home. I spent Spring Break back with my family (including my wonderful dogs). I’ve always been horrible at leaving home. My first sleepover was a disaster. I stayed up the whole night in the living room watching I Love Lucy and Bewitched re-runs while my friends slept. Sleepaway camp was no better, especially thanks to my ingenious plan to go alllll the way to Pennsylvania for a month. I ended up desperately homesick and, despite my efforts to be friendly, somehow earning myself a “We Hate Grayson Club”. Not the fun the brochures promised. Boarding school in Arizona was rough as well. I was desperate enough for independence that it was worth it, but I always had the hardest time with goodbyes. The inevitability of leaving home when I transferred colleges was a terror I grappled with during all my time at SBCC, bracing myself for what was to come. Sure enough, it’s hard to be away from home. It’s hard going away, and it can be hard once you get where you’re going.

That being said, of all the places to be that don’t offer the comforts of my three loving border collies, Lewis & Clark is the best for me. I was excited to come back from break to see friends, hear about their adventures, and take on the interesting topics to come in all of my classes. This past break, I really realized myself referring to Lewis & Clark as “home”. It was surprising and a bit confusing, when talking about one home while living in the other. The same is true now that I’m back here, I suppose. I’m happy to have my two homes. This one has the perks of independence, control of my life, and a dramatically better social life. California offers family, familiarity, and the ability to flee from the parts of life that make me nervous. I’m grateful to have LC as a place to push myself, even when the task scares the bejeesus out of me.

I’ve spent this past semester at a pretty relentless pace. I’ve worked hard and narrowly avoided completely burning myself out a couple of times. I think part of what kept me going is that I didn’t really allow myself the freedom to experience life outside of that fast lane. Thanks to break, it’s hard to push myself back up to that level of intensity. A week of couch lounging and channel surfing (with, admittedly, a fair slice of homework squeezed in as well) has left me grousing about having to actually work again. Why isn’t majoring in knowledge of the intricate relationships between the many contestants of all the seasons of  The Challenge on MTV a viable career option? I’m so good at it, and it’s so much easier!


Clearly this somehow needs to be a part of the Liberal Arts education.


Maybe it's my destiny to be the girl to make that happen.

Instead of explaining the elaborate web of alliances and hookups within the show or my theory as to who killed Rosie Larsen, I find myself putting together a group oral presentation, singlehandedly creating a children’s neuroscience book, reading sources for a research paper, literature review, and essay, and writing all three papers in the span of the next week. I’ve got little choice but to shift gears and get myself back to the intensity level I was at before. Here’s hoping I can do so and still sneak in some TV and break time somewhere in order to maintain at least the bare minimum level of sanity. If not, I can always console myself with the fact that my insanity might make for poor decisions and crazy good TV, helping me end up on MTV, myself…

‘Til next time,



3 April 2012

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