Well, it is finally over. Our one week divider between “I have enough time to learn everything” and “OH crap, there is no way.” Spring Break was awesome this year. It started with a track meet at LC (finally.) It was awesome. I started with a nasty crash in the hammer, but after that I did fairly well. Professor Paul Allen of the math department came and watched the shot put and discus competitions. I love that professors are willing to come out and support their athletes. It shot put, I qualified for the NWC Championship meet.


Then, on Sunday I watched 11 straight hours of a Ken Burns documentary on the American Civil war of the 19th century. That was amazing. Monday and Tuesday I spent the mornings practicing and the evenings with my lovely girlfriend. It was very relaxing. We got the opportunity to watch Red Tails. It was a good movie, but not the best acting.  Wednesday morning I practiced again, and then got on board the Amtrak and headed for Tacoma, Washington.


In Tacoma I visited my younger brother at the University of Puget Sound. It was awesome to see him in his environment. I went to his work in the morning. Met some of his team mates (he plays football for UPS.) Friday morning I was back on the Amtrak and headed for Portland. That was a long travel day because we had another meet on Friday. I went from the car, to the train, to the bus all in a 3 hour span.


This track meet was at Willamette. That was another solid performance. I threw 2 personal records for the second straight week. My parents were at this meet too. It was nice to hang with them in between my throws.


Now, we only have 3 and a half weeks left for classes. That is not a lot of time. I have to learn a piano piece early because our final recital is the same day as the NWC Championship meet. I have a 7 page paper due for my Ancient Rome Class. I have to finish a program for my final project in Computer Science. I am not too worried about Spanish. And then there is Calc 4.   LLLLLLLL. And that’s how I feel about that.



Almost there,


3 April 2012

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