Wrapping It Up

“Tis the week before summer. That’s to say: life = craziness. All the freshmen are working on their end-of-the-semester E&D research papers. I, however, am one of the fortunate ones to have been placed in Norah Beck’s “Mostly Mozart” class. We had to make a video project accompanied by a 5 page paper instead of one 12 page paper. We just finished filming today. HOORAH. Group projects are truly a drag. They’re nice because one is given the chance to meet and spend time with people they may not spend time with otherwise. Besides that, however, there aren’t too many other redeemable qualities. But in the event that there are, they are shadowed by the logistical bummer which is scheduling. It is almost literally impossible to get 5 college students to be in the same place at the same time. Besides the burden of the project which included writing music, a libretto, choosing costumes, writing essays and filming, scheduling proved to be the largest obstacle. I’m not complaining, by any means, well, actually I am, but heck. Such is life. All of this is part of what it takes to be a successful human being who will prosper with 2.5 children and a white picket fence.

It feels kinda groovy to have one year of college under my belt. That’s really all I have to say about that: it just feels groovy. You too will understand this sentiment in slightly over a year from now when you are completing your first two semesters. At that point, I expect an email commending my insightfulness.

Currently listening to the newest Shins album, not really even the shins, just James Mercer with the same band name. Regardless, it is out of control. It was given to me by a friend along with a gang of other music that has been assisting me in neglecting my studies. Music sharing and stealing is so easy in college. I seldom have to even break the law anymore on torrent sites, not that all my old favorite hubs are even still around (RIP btjunkie). Oh SOPA. That reminds me, in the event that any of my loyal followers of this blog care even the slightest about my personal life, I am pleased to inform y’all that I intend to head to law school after my time here. Not something I ever thought I would pursue, but here I am. Lewis and Clark opens up a world of possibilities…

Speaking of stress, the housing lottery process was quite the grueling experience. Of course, I’m being hyperbolic, but still, it wasn’t fun. My three roommates and I all pulled TERRIBLE lottery numbers so we had a poor selection when our time came. First and second choices were out of the question at that point but we ended up with one of the largest quads offered in Forest. I’m pretty pumped on it. We’re going to throw some CRAZY par…. study sessions. Yep, lots of work to be done. Except actually there will be quite a lot of work to do next semester. I just figured out my schedule. 18 credits doesn’t sound like a lot but the time commitment can be out of this world. True, one of those credits is sailing which I am absolutely STOKED for, but, heck that’s four hours out of my week. I have other things to do. At least I’ll be getting a lab requirement out of the way (not by means of sailing, that’s different). Labs are a hefty undertaking. We meet four days a week in addition to a lab once a week. Gr. Again, such is life.

26 April 2012

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