Countdown to Conclusion: Finale

Well, I’ve had my last night at Lewis & Clark.

It was as great as I could have asked it to be. It started with me and my friends driving to the Hawthorne food carts—in my opinion, they’re some of the best. We immediately flocked to Herb’s Mac and Cheese, which was great to see, because it moved from its previous location and we thought we had lost it forever! I got my usual, mac and cheese with garlic, tomato, and mushroom. So good and so cheap! Some other great carts were there, including an ice cream one that served maple bacon ice cream!

I held off of the ice cream, though, because our next stop was Pix—a great pastry shop/cafe. It was a small place I had never been to, but it had a great ambiance and such good food! I got a mango mousse, but there were some great looking macaroons that I could not resist! The tea was great as well. It was all so perfect, and so Portland. I know that I won’t have nights like that back home, and I really cherished it.

My friends really made the night special, though. I feel like even after 8 short months we’re basically at the point where we can read each others’ minds. In a great way. I’m going to miss them so so much—most live in California, with some Midwest and East Coast scattered in there. Hopefully I’ll get to meet up with the East Coast girls at some point this summer! Four months will be too long to go without bein’ a goof with them!

This year has been great. I’m not sure what I expected college to be like, but I’ve loved my experience. There are going to be rough patches, moving away is a big transition, but they do not outweigh the great. I will always remember my Portland days and nights, milling about Powell’s, finding weird restaurants, blaring Destiny’s Child. I will cherish my Lewis & Clark memories forever, as cheesy as it may be. It’s true.

I need to go to bed now, unfortunately, instead of hanging out until the late late hours. I leave at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Bright and early.
See you later Lewis & Clark. I’ll miss you more than I can say.

3 May 2012

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