Countdown to Conclusion: Part 3

I stand by what I said about packing, I really do enjoy it, but THERE’S JUST SO MANY THINGS! I’m basically done now, and have moved all of my boxes. All there’s left are my suitcases. Unfortunately, my bedding is going to be taking up the majority of them.

Our room went from a warm red to a pale white in about three hours. Our posters and Christmas Lights made the whole room glow, but now it looks empty. Our coffee maker, hot water heater, speakers, maps—everything—gone. I’m getting flashbacks from moving in.  I just want to cover the walls; they look sad and alone.

But the white is soothing, too. It feels clean. It feels like a transition. And it is. I cannot believe that my freshman year of college is over. It does not feel like it’s been an entire year since I decided where I wanted to spend these four years. Now there are only three left. That seems crazy.

I’ve heard upperclassmen say that time goes by faster every year. On May 3rd next year, will it feel like a year since the end of my freshman year? Will it feel like I’ve been out of high school in two years? Or will it feel like a couple of months?
Actually, I don’t want to focus on that! I just want to focus on packing, and on spending time with my friends. We’re going to the Hawthorne food carts tonight, which will be great! I plan on eating A LOT, since this will be my last fill of Portland food for a while. Then I think we’re going to try to watch a movie in the Platt Main Lounge—there’s a giant TV in there.

After that I can be sad about leaving. The walls and I will grieve together.

3 May 2012

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