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Hello everyone,

I am writing to you from the living room of my brother Padgett’s house, because I am officially moved out. I finished hauling my mountains of belongings down to storage late last night thanks to the help of Padgett and Eleanor. It was brutal packing everything up on Thursday and getting it all down to storage, but thankfully that’s all done. Unfortunately, the time crunch of getting everything academic done and all of my personal belongings out left little time for goodbyes. Everyone had things to get done, and there just wasn’t much time to stop, breathe, and say our goodbyes. Thankfully, I will see many of those friends again next year. Some of them, though, will be abroad all year. I don’t know when we’ll see each other next, but I hope it’s soon.

My high school in Arizona has a tradition in which students all rose to the next grade during the graduation ceremony. Juniors are allowed to turn over their senior rings and became seniors, while the sophomores are declared juniors and the freshmen become sophomores. On Sunday, as I am in the air on my home to Santa Barbara, I will be thinking of this tradition as the Lewis & Clark seniors go through the process of graduating. On Sunday, I will officially be a senior. I will begin the mental preparations and revelations that come with approaching my final year in college. It has been a long, unconventional process for me, and I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of its being over. As I wrap my head around the idea of college being nearly over, you all are probably coming to terms with the fact that college is nearly beginning. I intend to focus on the excitement of new experiences, new people, and new challenges that come with leaving what I’ve become familiar with and forging a path for myself someplace new. I encourage you all to do your best to fall into a similar frame of mind. There is sadness, absolutely, with leaving what you know and love for uncertainty. But that uncertainty can also hold the promise of something so different and incredible. You may not have thought to choose every part of what your life will be like here at LC… your roommate might not be who you always pictured yourself living with, or your classes might not be what you’d wanted, but I hope that you find (as I often did) that even the parts you didn’t pick are just as they should be.

I’ll admit that my glowing view of this year in retrospect is influenced by the fact that I am no longer at LC. It is already missed, in my eyes. However, I would argue that even as I went through the stress and strain that was this year, I loved Lewis & Clark. Taking away the moments of panic and the all-nighters has simply left more room for the love of this place. My year at LC has ended with an immense sense of appreciation for the school, and I wanted my year of blogging to end on a similar note.

Now, I do hope to come back to this blog periodically over the summer with notes on getting ready for next year and how to approach classes, NSO, etc. However, I think you and I both need the time to really appreciate what we have now and to understand what next year is for us before we can start getting ready for it. Check back when you’re ready for next year, and hopefully I’ll be ready, too.

All the best,


4 May 2012

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