Abby Roberts

Hey guys! I’m Abby and I am a freshman at Lewis & Clark this year! I came all the way across the country to be here and have not regretted it for a second. I grew up in Kensington, Maryland, a suburb about fifteen minutes outside Washington, DC. At home, I participated in choir and my school’s literary magazine, so I’m trying to do as much singing and writing here as I can. To do so I have joined Community Chorale, a general choir on campus (even my French teacher is in it!) and am slowly working up enough courage to participate in the slam poetry group. Besides writing and singing, I love photography and theater. Creating is my favorite thing in the world, which is why I’m living in Platt-West this year, the Visual and Performing Arts dorm! I love relaxing with a hot cup of tea and some soft British rock playing from my speakers in my dorm room.  I hope to someday go abroad to England, Paris, or Scotland (or maybe all three!).