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Of Casinos, Dissapointment, and Dances

Here we sit a week and a day after turning 21 and I still find it cool to be able to show my ID to people and know that it means I’m 21. After talking with many people about birthdays this is the last of the so called “milestone” birthdays, so I’m trying to enjoy it. I haven’t gone overboard in any respect and have worked to just find excuses to bring out my ID and show people I’m 21. When the clock struck midnight we were off to enjoy the life being 21 has to offer. Normally this would mean bars and clubs in Portland, but I chose the Casino, because Riley (best friend) couldn’t participate as he is 20. So a couple roommates and I drove ourselves up to La Centre in Washington to take advantage of the fair Casinos they had to offer. I was given my 21 year old bracelet and off I went to win big money…let’s just say I didn’t win the big money. I had a great time and it was awesome to have my friends with me, even though we got lost and ended up in the middle of nowhere Washington. That is one of the best things about trips; it’s all about the people. This is one of the reasons why I love LC because the people here are amazing and make any trip great no matter what.

This last week was what I would quietly call hectic and stressful. The worst part being that the stress comes from one class and not from a collection of homework from all my classes. I had been working a project/paper for a couple of weeks for my philosophy of law class. It was worth 35% of my grade and I one who is rarely nervous about my work, was sweating bullets about the assignment. I met with my professor and had a meeting that went so-so at best. I came out it feeling as if I needed to revamp all the work I had done and begin almost completely fresh. I spent countless hours the rest of the week working the paper and pushed aside other work. I was so consumed that I was unable to attend Harry Potter. Yes, for everyone out there I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and haven’t missed a midnight showing, until this year. I began yelling in frustration out of missing the movie and finding no one to go to the 3 AM showing with me and was calmed down by Riley, who then proceeded to help me work on the paper. Fast Forward to Friday. I pace the classroom before starting the presentation. I am ready because I love more than anything to talk and public speak and as it is time for me to begin I open my mouth and find that my lips are stuck to my teeth, I have a tickle in my throat and that beads of sweat are perched on my head. I slowly work through the paper and finish after what seems like ages. Then the professor gets a big smile and says he loves it. The work seems to have come through and now fast forward to Monday and I got an A. This is my tip for all of you just remember that in College just put in the work and you’ll get what you want. The only sad part of the experience was not being able to see Harry Potter, at midnight. Don’t worry everyone I will be seeing it multiple times to make up for this.

Finally, dancing the night away on Saturday was amazing. Saturday was Lewis & Clarks fall dance “Fall Ball”. People packed the Crystal Ballroom (a local concert venue in Portland) and grooved, jumped and boogied to the music. The dress was fancy, the music was loud and people were crazy ( I mean that in the best possible way). For those of you who may think that either dances are lame or that dances in high school are amazing , I have news for you. Dances in college are Awesome and they are significantly more fun than in high school. In college everyone for one night cuts loose of all the stress of class and has all the fun they feel they have been missing out on for the past few months. At LC it is great to see the atmosphere and people going crazy enjoying themselves. Our Activities Board did a great job putting on amazing dance. I would advise you that wherever you go to school to take advantage of dances and other social events on campus, because they stand as boiling points for excitement at school.

23 November 2010

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