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I Blog Therefore I Am?

Look, it’s my face! Wheee~

I finally made another VLOG (I vant to suck your bloood. I can’t take the word “vlog” seriously. Vlad the Vlogger..?) This time it’s about the stressy stress of being a senior. But also the lil’ somethings that get me through the day.

In other unrelated news, tomorrow I register for classes AH!! The LAST registration period of my academic career. LAST LAST LAST! Here’s what I’m leaning toward: German translation (required), Christian Origins (religious studies), Intro to Psychology, ┬áLit to Film (English 100 course), Yoga, and then maybe (if I still need 4 credits….FINGERS CROSSED I DON’T.) either Sociology of Pop Music or Drawing 1. Wish me luck, my little viewers.


Happy November.

7 November 2011

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