Studying in the sun is awesome. It’s about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m making vitamin D–I’m sure of it. I’m at a favorite cafe called Ava Roasteria in Tigard, OR (a few miles from campus) that’s open 24 hours and it’s really pretty here. There’s a reservoir to look upon, and on days like this, there’s this fountain that kids play in all day. It’s just a series of water streams that come out of the pavement by pressing a button. The kids have mastered it, albeit very young for the most part. This area sports more diversity than Portland despite its size, so it reminds me a lot of my hometown in California. People of all descents seem to visit this cafe: African-Americans, Mexicans, South Americans, Persians, Indians, Chinese, and ones I might not know–and I feel a great sense of comfort at how they are all Oregonians. As I hope to join the Oregon State Bar myself, I hope the diversity of the state will grow and that I can be part of that trend and its future. My law school experience has been amazing, and I can’t believe it’s ending but simultaneously I feel the call of the work ahead pulling me forward. I’m where I’m supposed to be. And it feels good.

25 April 2013

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