Joseph Ureño

Hi, I’m Joseph!  I’m a very chipper kind of guy who loves life and embraces it fully, and that makes me fit well into the vibe that is Lewis & Clark Law School.  I’m originally from the central valley of California, and I took a very different path here.  I hope that inspires others who may not feel they fit a certain mould that you can pursue your dreams but be yourself.  Strength of character and integrity are your best assets in achieving your goals, and will prove especially valuable in the professional world.  Law school is, after all, professional school.

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe & Africa as a medical researcher, I went on to a successful career in environmental chemistry.  Going back to school after being in well-paying leadership roles was a decision I didn’t take lightly, and I wanted to ensure that I went to the best place possible.  Lewis & Clark was emphatically my choice.

Having said that, I come from humble if not also unstable beginnings.  I mention this because I want to make it clear that even though you don’t know attorneys and your family isn’t rich doesn’t preclude you from succeeding and studying law.  I’m here because I worked hard, and that is a common thread of every student here.  But interwoven with that thread is one of sincerity and caring.  I’m confident that I’m building personal and professional relationships here that will last throughout my career in law.  That’s what makes this place special.