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Finger Pain and Dancing

For the environmental advocacy class that I’m taking with Professor Craig Johnston, I have to finish writing a 40 page brief on wetlands by Sunday evening.  This has been an intense experience for me because I did not know anything about wetlands or the Clean Water Act  three weeks ago.  It’s been rough.

Thankfully, I’m on page 27 of my rough draft.  I only have a few more pages to go.  Then, editing . . . and, I’m sure there will be a lot of that!







If I am done by Sunday, I hope to watch one of my favorite professors, Professor Berres-Paul, dance at this event:






















If you are in Portland, definitely stop by!

27 September 2012

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2L Grind

It’s only my second week of school and my schedule is packed!  This year, I am taking Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Evidence, Criminal Procedure II (Fun fact: Michael Chertoff visited campus on Tuesday!), and an exciting Environmental Advocacy course (The top three oral advocates in this class get to argue in front of Chief Justice Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court when he visits our campus in the Spring!).

In addition to school work, I am (I wish that was a real word…) a section of Legal Analysis & Writing for Professor Barnett, writing case summaries for Ninth Circuit Review, helping put on the Lewis & Clark Sustainability Council’s Sustainability in Portland event, and organizing Minority Law Student Association events.

I’m busy.  Yet, I can’t complain: I have high hopes that my hard work  and persistence will pay off.

15 September 2012

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Environmental Law Review

In July, I learned that I was selected to be a member of Environmental Law, our school journal that focuses on environmental and natural resource issues.  Today, I learned that I will also serve on the Ninth Circuit Review team.  This means that, in addition to source-checking (using Bluebook, a different citation style compared to the one you learn your first year), I will help to write and edit summaries of recent decisions from the Ninth Circuit.  These summaries will eventually be published in the summer edition of our journal.

Although I have a lot of work and learning to do, I’m excited!  It feels good to know that I can have a small, yet permanent, influence in one of the country’s leading environmental journals.


28 August 2012

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