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April in Oregon

So it’s April, and the semester has whizzed by! February and March were intense and dramatic (not just with the snow) for me because I had so much on my plate. But we’re closing our semester now and I need to talk about it.

I was happy to meet many of the incoming class of 2015 during our reception for admittees, whom I hope will join us.

That aside, my externship continues to go well, and indeed my legal writing skills are being challenged, and I am really learning so much in these waning weeks that I wish I could extend it out. But a local firm snatched me up as a summer associate. The process was long, but I’m glad I landed at a place I think will provide me both with challenging work and a good mentor or two. I feel spoiled in some way from having so many good people to work with in my short time in law school so far, but so very grateful how things have worked out, especially in light of the help and guidance I received which helped me decide the right direction to head.

6 April 2012

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Externships Expanded!

I was excited to learn that the Lewis & Clark externship program is being expanded to allow us more flexibility! I think it’s the best deal in law school to get access to great experiences with the school’s backing, because it gets us connected in a meaningful way to the legal community: through our work.

Of course, it’s up to the student to make the connection and open the opportunity, but soon any student in good standing will be able to do a summer externship, and part-time externships will be opened to students for the regular year so long as it doesn’t interfere with their coursework.

I think these moves are helpful not only to us students, but to the school’s solid integration into the legal community at large.  Full-time externships allow students to go out into the world, near or far, to the East coast, Southwest, or even abroad.  The part-time externships will allow students, I think, to essentially create an individualized clinical experience.  While our school has a wide variety of clinics that have given students intensive experiences with the guidance and supervision of professionals who are focused on teaching us, the externship experience is just like a real work experience.  I think both approaches are essential, and in fact I will likely do at least one more clinic in 3L because you really do learn so much with a professor that is there to give you lots of feedback.

One of the more exciting changes for 3Ls is that you will be able to do a full-time externship your last semester of law school.  I could only imagine how valuable it would be to do an externship in the place you’d like to work, right at the time you’re preparing to transition to the “real world.”  In many ways, our school is making the right changes for the modern job market.

1 March 2012

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