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Busy as a Bee

Wow.  Summer is here.  After having a week to relax, my schedule is now packed.

On Monday, I began my work for the Lewis & Clark Sustainability Council as a Law Clerk.  My main tasks are to research sustainability-related programs and create networks for all three of our campuses and the Portland-metro area.  I’m excited to see what I can get done.  This summer, expect to hear updates about my work in this position.  Also, feel free to email me if you are interested in volunteering or doing research for the Sustainability Council at (Did you know that you can count volunteer hours from the summer before 1L as hours for the Community Service Award?  Pretty cool, right?)

Today, I started my other summer opportunity.  I met with a local trial judge and received my first real-world legal research assignment on a confidentiality issue.  Thank goodness for L.A.W. and Legal Research!  I am devoting this weekend to perfecting a legal memo!

Overall, life is great.  I am enjoying the sun and finally have time to get back in touch with friends and colleagues.

16 May 2012

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Thoughts on L.A.W.

My favorite class is Legal Analysis & Writing because it teaches us real world ‘lawyerly’ skills such as writing, oral advocacy, and critical thinking. I love my professor too because she challenges us to do our best. Professor Berres-Paul is always available to help. More importantly, she is candid and direct about the quality of our work.

Last semester, we wrote three legal memos.  When comparing my first memo to my final memo, I see obvious improvement in the quality and content of my writing.  I am thankful that Lewis & Clark requires this class for first years and for having a fantastic professor.

This semester, our main project is to write an appellate brief and to present at the Multnomah County Courthouse in front of a three judge panel.  That said, I have kept a nerdy secret from most of my classmates so that they won’t think I am overly enthusiastic.  However, I think this post is a great opportunity to let the cat out of the bag: I am thrilled that we get to learn how to write persuasively and even more excited that there is an oral advocacy component!   Of course, when I am required to do research and create a strong work product, I want quality and feel good when I achieve that goal.  However, when adding in an oral presentation, I get an adrenaline rush.  And, I love that feeling.


18 January 2012

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