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Last week of law school: Tying it all together

So this is the last week of law school for me before I go into finals. I’m finishing papers, giving a presentation on the inclusion of new classes of primary care practitioners to address the healthcare crisis, and generally going full force trying to complete everything that I must before taking finals. It’s at once impossible and yet totally within the abilities I’ve developed. Lewis & Clark has prepared me to think and act clearly under pressure, to respond and produce under whatever circumstances I’m presented. I don’t know if it’s also Portland’s influence that I tend to be calmer or whether it’s simply knowing what to do and how to do it that give me peace and presence. It’s obviously influenced my language. But I feel good about my work here, and the work I will do. I’m a workhorse, and a happy one. What’s next for me is amazing. I’ve got options I couldn’t have imagined, and I’ve got support beyond my hopes. It keeps me motivated that my mission to use everything I’ve learned to help shape the future of healthcare in a more responsive and inclusive way will be fulfilled. And while it was a long path getting here, I am confident that the law school has helped me become who I hoped. After finals I’ll have more time to reflect and give a more thoughtful essay tying things together, but I thought I’d check in. I’ve enjoyed blogging for the school, and I actually know my ties to what will be my alma mater will be strong because of the special people that helped create the edifying experience it has been.

16 April 2013

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