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Innovation and Integration in Sustainability at Lewis & Clark

An overview of  Sustainable Task Force’s Final Report  Innovation andIntegration in Sustainability            atLewis & Clark The campus sustainability movement Sustainability is one of the most visible and popular movements on U.S. college campuses today, with phenomenal recent growth. Consider these statistics for AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in […]

Sustainability in Teaching, Research, & Services

 This document is a draft of the final report from the Teaching, Research, & Service group.  Along with the reports of several other groups, it will eventually comprise a final, working document regarding the plan and implementation of the Sustainability Initiative at Lewis & Clark. Teaching, Research, and Service Teaching, research, and service are central […]

Student Proposals

Please post your proposals as comments to this blog post. Thank you for contributing.

The Mug Board

Reduce consumption of disposable cups.

Sustainable Garden

Grow your own food.

Draft Goals

DRAFT GOALS of Sustainability Task Force: Student Life A formalized yet easily accessible structure will be in place to coordinate, support, and act as a resource for student-initiated projects and awareness campaigns. Students will be familiar with this structure and comfortable utilizing it. Collaboration will be promoted between separate groups (e.g. clubs and academics). Advocates […]

Sustainability Task Force

The Lewis & Clark Sustainability Task Force was established by the Executive Council to work during the 2010-11 academic year toward “defining a scope for our sustainability efforts (while understanding that the concept of sustainability is complex and ever-evolving) and devising effective mechanisms to ensure that we can accomplish whatever we set out to do […]

Welcome to ELC’s Sustainability Blog

The Environmental Law Caucus decided to put together a blog on the subject of sustainability. First, we hope the blog will be a quasi-narrative on “how to make your (law) school more sustainable.”  Student body representatives will use the blog to communicate causally and candidly about sustainability at Lewis & Clark.Second, the blog will ideally […]